Don’t Let Scales Weigh You Down! with Dr. Juang Chong

The key points from the video “Don’t Let Scales Weigh You Down! with Dr. Juang Chong” are as follows:

Introduction to Dr. Juang Chong

  • The video introduces Dr. Juang Chong, a specialist in scale insects, who has dedicated his career to studying and managing these pests.

Scale Insects as a Major Concern

  • Scale insects are a major concern in urban landscapes, particularly in the southeastern United States, affecting a wide range of plants including wax myrtle, red maple, and oak trees.

Importance of Early Detection and Management

  • Dr. Chong emphasizes the importance of early detection and management of scale insect infestations to prevent them from becoming a major problem.

Control Methods

  • Dr. Chong discusses various control methods, including biological control, chemical control, and cultural control.
  • Biological control involves using natural enemies of scale insects, while chemical control involves the use of insecticides.
  • Cultural control suggests replacing affected plants with those not susceptible to scale insects.

Understanding Scale Insect Life Cycle

  • Dr. Chong highlights the importance of understanding the life cycle of scale insects to determine the most effective control methods.
  • For example, contact active insecticides are effective against crawlers (young scale insects), while systemic insecticides are more suitable for controlling nymphs or adults.

Recommendations for Effective Management

  • Dr. Chong advises against using certain chemicals that can harm natural enemies, recommending instead products that are compatible with natural enemies and effective against scale insects.

Challenges in Managing Scale Insects

  • The presentation also touches on the challenges of managing scale insects, including the difficulty in controlling them due to their small size, the need for repeated applications, and the importance of timing applications correctly to target different life stages of the insects.


  • Dr. Chong encourages viewers to reach out to him for further assistance and provides his contact information for those interested in discussing scale insect management further.

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