UGA Grass Masters Spotlight Series—Emerging Opportunities With Forage Herbicides

The ‘UGA Grass Masters Spotlight Series–Emerging Opportunities With Forage Herbicides’ video features Sam Ingram, a field scientist for Corteva Agriscience, discussing new herbicide opportunities for range and pasture management. Here are the key points from the video:

Soil Fertility in Forage Management

  • Maintaining proper soil fertility is crucial for supporting healthy forage growth.
  • Ensuring adequate nutrient levels in the soil is essential for optimizing forage production.

Role of Herbicides in Forage Management

  • Herbicides can be used to manage weeds and unwanted plants, allowing desirable forage species to thrive.
  • The goal is to shift the competitive balance in favor of the preferred forage plants.

New Herbicide Introductions

  • Duracore, powered by Rinse Core technology, offers a broader spectrum of weed control compared to traditional herbicides.
  • Proclova is a non-residual herbicide that is safe for white clover and annual lespedeza, allowing for improved forage quality by removing these plants.

Impregnated Fertilizer (DFI)

  • DFI combines fertilizer with herbicide, allowing for weed control and soil fertility improvement in a single application.
  • The benefits of DFI include cost savings and improved efficiency by combining these two important management practices.

Timing and Application Rates

  • Proper timing and application rates are crucial for effective herbicide control, with specific recommendations for different weed species.

Potential for Widespread Adoption

  • DFI has the potential to be used across the United States, with support from retail providers and territory managers.
  • The economic benefits of DFI, such as cost savings and efficiency improvements, were also discussed.

The video also addresses questions from the audience, providing guidance on herbicide application for specific weed species and discussing the potential use of DFI in different regions.

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