Troubleshooting Ornamental Plant Problems in the Landscape with Dr. Matthew Chappell

Dr. Matthew Chappell’s program at the University of Georgia focuses on serving the green industry, both in Georgia and across the globe, through the development of applied research and extension programs in the areas of nursery management and nursery production.

He currently serves as the co-chair of the Georgia Green Industry Association educational subcommittee. He is the UGA Horticulture Department liaison to the Center for Applied Nursery Research located in Deering, Georgia.

He is also the editor of Ball Publishing’s Nursery and Landscape Insider newsletter which currently has over 28,000 subscribers while. It is free, so Matthew would invite you to, please join up.

Watching this archive at your County Extension Office? Agents, this video qualifies for 1 hour of Category 10 (Private), Category 21, Category 24, or Category 27 credit.

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