Pruning Woody Ornamentals for Optimal Health with Dr. Bodie Pennisi

Dr. Bodie Pennisi

Dr. Bodie Pennisi is an Extension Horticulturist and Landscape Specialist in the Department of Horticulture at the University of Georgia, with an 87% Extension and 13% Academic responsibilities.

She received her Master of Science in 1996 and Doctoral degrees in 1999 from the Environmental Horticulture Department at the University of Florida in Gainesville.

She joined the Horticulture Department at UGA in 2000. Until 2010, she had responsibilities for the floriculture industry. Currently, she statewide responsibilities for the Georgia landscape industry. Dr. Pennisi teaches the online courses (1) Herbs, Spices, and Medicinal Plants, and (2) Plant Physiology.

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