Peach Production in the Southeastern US: the Use of Green Technologies with Dr. Dario Chavez

Dr. Dario Chavez is the Peach Research and Extension Specialist for the state of Georgia.

He is originally from Ecuador and attained his BS in Agricultural Sciences and Production at Zamorano in Honduras. He achieved his MS and Ph.D. degrees in Horticulture working with blueberries, citrus, peaches, and plums at the University of Florida in Gainesville.

His primary area of interest at UGA has a peach focus on orchard management. He works on tree longevity, irrigation practices, and route interaction. He also works with tree health production and plant breeding genetics.

Watching this archive at your County Extension Office? Agents, this video qualifies for 1 hour of Category 10 (Private), Category 21, or Category 24 credit.

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