Boxwood Blight: Identification and Management Strategies with Patrick Mawhinney of Prestige Shrub & Tree

Patrick Mawhinney has been married for 42 years and has two children and two grandchildren.

Patrick holds a Bachelors degree in Botany and a Masters Degree in Plant Pathology from Auburn University. His certifications include ISA Certified Arborist, Georgia Green Industry Plant Professional, Georgia Lifetime Master Gardener, and a First Degree Blackbelt in American Style Karate.

He owns Prestige Shrub & Tree, Ltd. in Duluth, Georgia. Prestige has been in operation in Metro Atlanta since 1985. Prestige provides chemical tree, shrub, and lawn care to residential and commercial customers.

He also designs and directs seminars on Workplace Safety, Pesticide Safety, Integrated Plant Health Management, Pest Problems and Solutions and Professionalism in Business.

When he is not working is fishing or planning on fishing!

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